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Blood Pressure monitoring at home

GP Practices in our network offer the opportunity for patients with hypertension to monitor their blood pressure at home and share their blood pressure readings directly back to their GP from home using the Viso app (previously known as Hypertension Plus).    

High blood pressure, or hypertension, rarely has noticeable symptoms. But if untreated, it increases your risk of serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

In line with NHS England recommendations, NHS Dorset is working in partnership with Omron Healthcare to implement blood pressure (BP) monitoring at home using the Viso app. 

Monitoring blood pressure remotely through Viso has multiple benefits.  From the patient perspective, it will not be necessary to book an appointment and attend the surgery for a blood pressure check.  It enables healthcare professionals to keep track of a person’s health, provide them with the information needed to look after their health and help them access the right treatment when required.   In addition, taking measurements in the comfort of one’s own home can better reflect blood pressure, as being tested in a medical environment can make some people feel anxious, affecting results.

Find out more about using the Viso app to monitor Blood Pressure at Home on our Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home web page here>>

A man using the Viso app, the PCN logo, the Viso logo and the words, BP@Home - monitoring your blood pressure with the Viso app
Commummunitiy Switch Supporting Wellbeing Improving The Community's Health

Community SWITCH - a Path to Improved Health and Well-being

Crane Valley Primary Care Network leads a groundbreaking initiative designed to enhance local people's overall health and quality of life – Community SWITCH.

We understand that a patients health and well-being extends beyond traditional medical care. Community SWITCH goes beyond the ordinary and empowering you with additional tools and opportunities to manage your health effectively.

Follow this link to discover more>>

Making a Repeat Prescription Request? Please Only Order What You Need!

Each year approximately 1.6 million medicine items are wasted unnecessarily in Dorset.  We are asking patients in our network for help to reduce this.

We want people to have the right medicine and care while reducing the amount of medicine waste.

Find out more here>>

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Digital home kidney health testing service

GP Practices in the network are introducing a new service which allows people to carry out a urine test at home with a smartphone and a simple urine test kit, which will be sent to their home address.  

As some may be aware, part of the diabetes annual review involves a urinary albumin:creatinine ratio (ACR) test, traditionally conducted by bringing a urine sample to your appointment to be dip tested. The ACR test checks your kidney function by testing for particles of protein in your urine called albumin. If there is albumin in your urine, this means you are at increased risk of kidney disease and heart disease. If this is picked up at an early stage, you can be put on medication that will reduce your risk of any complications.

The new service will allow patients to self test in their own home using the kit and the Minuteful Kidney app, which guides them through the process.  Test results are seamlessly imported to the patient's record in  via a secure NHS messaging protocol, saving them and their GP time.  

Find out more about the Minuteful Kidney Service for ACR Testing at Home on our ACR Testing web page here>>