About Us

Who We Are

Primary Care Networks (PCN) are part of NHS plans designed to build on existing primary care services and enable greater provision of proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care for people in the local community. The Crane Valley PCN is a group of GP practices (The Barcellos Family Practice, The Cranborne Practice, Verwood Surgery and West Moors Village Surgery).  

We are committed to ensuring the best health and well-being outcomes for our local community through working with each other and community partners to offer a range of services that provide the right support, in the right place, at the right time.   

We aim to build on some of the successes achieved since the PCN's inception in 2019, for example, the launch of the Crane Valley Community Vaccination Centre in December 2021. We will continue to explore new opportunities, developing new & innovative services for local residents.

As our patients are at the heart of any new services the Network delivers, we have been and will continue to work closely with and expand Practice Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) across the Network. These groups provide feedback from patient representatives to help shape our projects, ensuring they deliver whatlocal people need.

As PCN services are developed, you may see changes in how existing services are delivered or offered, new services, or new ways of interacting with health professionals. As we evolve, we will continue to involve patients in the Network of Crane Valley practices in evaluating their impact. We look forward to your continuing support as we move forward together.

Where We Are

Crane Valley PCN is located in beautiful East Dorset with a catchment area running from Tricketts Cross, Ferndown in the south, through West Moors and Verwood to Cranborne, and Alderholt in the north of the locality, as shown below in our PCN map.

What We Do

The Crane Valley PCN continues to develop its services in line with Our Mission.  For more information about these, please follow this link to Our Services webpage:>>