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3rd Jun

Our June Event for Carers

Our Social Prescribers Health & Wellbeing Team invite carers and cared for to join us at our next event at Heathlands Heritage Centre The Potters Wheel, Manor Way, Verwood, BH31 6HF Tuesday 25th June 2024 between 2.00pm and 3.30pm

Come along for friendly chat, support and advice as well as tea!

Welcome to all carers (and cared for) registered with The Barcellos Family Practice, The Cranborne Practice, Verwood Surgery or West Moors Village Surgery.

So that we know to expect you please call or text Rachel on 07462 521670 or email:

Download and view a copy of the event poster here>>

Cartoon depicting Parks in Mind May 2024 programme
1st May

Parks in Mind: courses and activities to help improve your health and wellbeing

Parks in Mind provides fun nature conservation and other outdoor activities in Bournemouth’s beautiful parks and open spaces to deliver health and wellbeing benefits to the people taking part.  Each month the team publishes a programme of activities including fun wildlife conservation, nature-inspired art and craft, wellbeing, and excerise.  

Download a PDF copy of their May 2024 programme here>>

And visit their Facebook page for updates.


Depicts a woman wtih cancer putting on make up
21st Feb

Look Good Feel Better - Wellbeing workshops and classes for people living with cancer

It can be challenging to process a cancer diagnosis and manage the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment. That’s why the national charity Look Good Feel Better runs free workshops in small groups, virtually (online) and in person, to give practical advice and support to people with cancer. Locally, face-to-face workshops take place in Bournemouth, Salisbury, and Southampton.
Every workshop offers an invaluable opportunity to talk to others in a similar situation while helping support people with their changing appearance.
Empty medicines blister packs and recycling boxes
16th Feb

Empty Medicines Blister Pack Recycling Service

We are happy to promote the empty blister pack recycling service which Verwood Town Council offers at the Town Council offices between 9am and 1pm weekdays. The Council offices are located at 28 Vicarage Road BH31 6DR.
For more on recycling points in our area and tips and advice on recycling in the local area, may we direct you to the Verwoodians on Waste website here>>
Image depicting the Only Order What You Need campaign
10th Feb

Making a Repeat Prescription Request? Please Only Order What You Need!

Did you know that approximately 1.6 million medicine items are wasted unnecessarily in Dorset every year?  We are asking the patients in our network for help to reduce this.

We want people to have the right medicine and care while reducing the amount of medicine waste. If you have enough medicine at home, there’s no need to order more every time. You will still be able to request your medicine again in the future.  

The good news is that you can help make a tremendous difference by only ordering what you need. 

Thank you to the many people who are already doing this.

Follow this link to discover more>>

Commummunitiy Switch Supporting Wellbeing Improving The Community's Health
9th Feb

Community SWITCH - a Path to Improved Health and Well-being

We and the GP Practices in our network want to do all we can to help you with your well-being needs. 

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative designed to enhance local people's overall health and quality of life – Community SWITCH.

As your dedicated healthcare partner, your GP surgery understands that your well-being extends beyond traditional medical care. That's why we're committed to going beyond the ordinary and empowering you with additional tools and opportunities to manage your health effectively.

Follow this link to discover more about the aims of Community SWITCH and how it works>>

a candle
17th Jan

You don't have to navigate bereavement alone

For people living with grief or struggling to move forwards due to a loss, it’s crucial to seek support and look after themselves during this challenging time to mitigate the negative health consequences of bereavement.
Your local surgery's Social Prescribers’ Health & Wellbeing Team has established a Bereavement Group to bring together people who have experienced loss and grief.
Informal meetings of the local Bereavement Group are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Crane Valley Primary Care Network Bungalow at 131 Newtown Road, Verwood BH31 6EH.  Tea, Coffee and biscuits are provided. 
Come along for an informal chat with others going through this challenging time.
Download and view our leaflet here>> or, for more information, call the Social Prescribing team on 07311 328278 or email
The NHS logo and the words, Have you got Long Covid?  If you are suffering the effects or symptoms of long COVID, seek advice from your GP.  they may refer you onto the Post-COVID Service who can assess and put things in place to help you start to feel yourself again.
2nd Nov 2023

Are you recovering from Long COVID?

If you have had symptoms of COVID-19 for 12 weeks or more since having a suspected or positive COVID-19 infection, you should speak to your GP surgery about a referral to the Dorset Post-COVID Syndrome (PCS) Service. Dorset PCS provides specialist support for people who have ongoing symptoms of COVID-19 for 12 weeks or more. Any member from the clinical team at your GP practice can refer you to Dorset Post-COVID Service, not just your GP.
a person holding a smartphone, the NHS logo and the words Online access to GP health records.  Over 12 million patients withonline accounts now have full access to their new GP health record entries.  Over 2,700 practices now offer this access to their patients by default.
28th Oct 2023

Online access to GP health records

From November 2023 all patients in our network who are over 16 will be able to view notes and health records. This includes notes from GP surgery appointments, test results, medications, and letters we receive from hospitals. These can be viewed online via the NHS App, NHS website, SystmOnline or the Airmid app. If you don't want your record to be available online, please speak with the Reception or Patient Services team at your surgery. For more, please visit our information web page here>>

a woman huddled in bed with blankets and a jacket looking out a window to a wintery view
27th Oct 2023

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

SAD is a kind of seasonal depression triggered by shorter daylight hours and worsening weather. It impacts one in twenty people every year in the UK. Those who experience SAD often: 

  • lose interest in everyday activities or hobbies
  • find it hard to stay connected with family and friends
  • feel anxious or irritable or struggle to go outside

Sound familiar? Then you could be experiencing SAD.

With the clocks going back this weekend and the sun setting earlier, we want to help you care for yourself or someone else experiencing SAD.  Healthwatch England have helpful information about SAD and how you can manage it on their website here>>

a healthcare professional administering a vaccine
20th Sep 2023

Vaccine administration for those living with housebound patients

The Crane Valley PCN team are working tirelessly to reach housebound patients and administer their Winter Flu and COVID-19 booster vaccines as soon as possible.  However, when our healthcare team visit a housebound patient, they do not offer vaccines to those living with them unless they are also housebound.  We ask those who can to receive them at their GP surgery or local vaccination centre.  Vaccine supplies are limited, as is our healthcare professional’s time.  We must ensure that all eligible housebound patients receive their booster without delays, as they are amongst the most vulnerable.  Thank you for your understanding and patience, and be assured that we are dedicated to doing everything we can to protect our community’s health.

The South West Advocacy Network logo
11th Aug 2023

Integrated Adult Pan Dorset Advocacy Service now available

SWAN (South West Advocacy Network) is a leading independent advocacy charity – providing advocacy services throughout the south west and bordering counties since 1999.  SWAN now offers an Advocacy Service across the county of Dorset. 

This integrated adult advocacy service includes statutory and generic advocacy elements including:

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy  including Safeguarding Advocacy, Litigation Friend and Relevant Persons Representative
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy
  • Care Act Advocacy
  • General / Generic advocacy
  • Continuing Healthcare Advocacy
  • Advocacy for parents during care proceedings
  • Carers Advocacy

For more information, please follow this link to download and view a leaflet which sets out the advocacy services that they currently offer across Pan Dorset. 

Or visit their website here>>

a screenshot of the Bridgit online tool
6th Jul 2023

Bridgit - the quick and easy online support tool

People who regularly look after a family member or friend can now explore resources to support them using an online tool known as Bridgit.  It's quick and easy way for carers or cared for people  to learn about health conditions, get personal advice and find local events and services.

Brought to you by Dorset Council, Bridgit allows people to explore free well-being, employment, finance and care advice and events, local and national support services and training opportunities. People can also build their own ‘self-care plan’. It’s all available any time of day and without registering first.

While registering as a carer unlocks more support, a listening ear, offers and discounts, we recognise people can be worried about requesting outside help. With Bridgit, people can discover the resources first, then sign up for more support if they choose to, and this can include an online carer’s assessment.

Designed by carers and care experts, Bridgit resources are tailored to the busy and often stressful lives of people who regularly care for others. It is also designed to be user-friendly, with simple navigation and a clean layout so people can explore comfortably, even with limited digital skills.

Visit to access the Bridgit tool.  People who prefer not to, or cannot go online, can call Carer Support Dorset on 0800 368 8349 to discover the free support and help available.

The NHS 75, the PCN and GP Practice logos, the image shows a hospital in 1948, two nurses in uniform and a modern day operating theatre scene with surgeons performing an operation
5th Jul 2023

The NHS at 75

5 July 2023 marks 75 years of the National Health Service. Treating 1.3 million people a day in England, the NHS touches all our lives.  The PCN and the GP Practices in our network are proud to be a small part supporting the people in our local community to obtain, regain and maintain a healthy quality of life. 

Read more about the NHS and how its met the health and wellbeing needs of successive generations>>


a neon pharmacy sign
23rd Jun 2023

Important Notice - Verwood Pharmacy situated at Lake Road Surgery, Verwood, will be closing on Sunday 25th June 2023.

More information about this closure is available on our website by following this link>>

The information has been provided by the NHS South West and provides details of how you can nominate a new pharmacy to receive your prescription.

Verwood Pharmacy in Station Road and Morrison’s Pharmacy in Chiltern Drive remain open and are happy to continue providing your pharmaceutical needs should you wish to transfer there.  

a wristwatch
29th Sep 2022

Improving Access to GP services

Enhanced Access is an NHS term for offering additional appointments in Primary Care.

From 3rd October, all practices in the Crane Valley Primary Care Network will offer appointments to see a GP, nurse or other healthcare professionals beyond the currently available surgery opening times on weekdays.
Extra appointment slots are being made available at The Barcellos Family Practice, The Cranborne Practice (including Lake Road Surgery), Verwood Surgery and West Moors Group Practice.
Earlier this year, our Practices consulted patients to understand their needs when determining when to offer extra appointments. Therefore, the days and times these appointments are being offered will vary between surgeries.
So, whether you're at school, working during the day, or busy with caring duties, if you'd prefer to be seen during these extended times, ask your GP Practice for further details.
An image of the Crane Valley PCN website home page
16th Aug 2022

The Crane Valley PCN website

If you access GP services in Cranborne, Ferndown, Verwood, or West Moors, you may not know about the Crane Valley Primary Care Network (PCN) and its role in delivering accessible local healthcare.


The Crane Valley PCN is a group of 4 local GP practices (The Barcellos Family Practice, The Cranborne Practice, Verwood Surgery and West Moors Group Practice).  Whilst each practice has its own identity, through the PCN, these practices work together to build on existing primary care provisions to improve patient access to NHS services cost-effectively. 

To keep the community informed and updated on our work, we have developed a new website, which allows us to share information on our services and projects as we progress and evolve. However, we are keen to highlight that this does not replace individual GP Practice websites, where you should continue accessing the information, advice, and relevant GPs services each provides to patients.
Since the launch of the NHS in 1948, the population has grown significantly, and people are living much longer. Many people in the UK today live with long-term conditions such as diabetes and heart disease or suffer mental health issues and may need to access their local health services more often.
To meet these changing needs, GP practices work closely with the community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in the PCN area. The joint approach taken during the recent COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is a prime example. The GP-led Crane Valley PCN vaccination site opened last year and has enabled practices in the area to accelerate the delivery of booster vaccines to local patients, delivering more than 6,000 doses to the local community.
We are planning more ambitious initiatives to support and sustain practices in our Network to enable a broader range of health and wellbeing services to benefit patients. As we develop our plans and information about our projects, we’ll publish these on this website and communicate more about them through digital and non-digital channels.
This website features images from local photographer Paul Waterkeyn. Thank you, Paul, for letting us showcase some of the beautiful East Dorset locations in our catchment area.
a woman in a kitchen
10th Aug 2022

Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

The Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is a free programme for those at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

If you're at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, you may be eligible to join your free local Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme. This programme can support you to improve your diet, get more physically active and lose weight (where appropriate) to reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The first thing you need to do is find out if you are at risk of developing the condition. You can do this by using the Diabetes UK risk tool below. You'll be asked a series of questions to identify if you are at a low, moderate or high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Make sure to have a tape measure handy as you'll need to measure your waist. You'll be invited to sign up to your free local Healthier You service if you're at moderate or high risk.

Find out more and how to get started with Local Support on the Live Well Taking Control website by following this link:>>

social media
3rd Jul 2022

The Crane Valley PCN is also on social media. 

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