Verwood Pharmacy Relocation



Due to circumstances beyond our control, Verwood Pharmacy situated at Lake Road Surgery, Verwood, will be closing on Sunday 25th June 2023.

All avenues were explored by both parties to try and find a mutually beneficial solution. Unfortunately, it has not proved possible to meet the needs of both The Practice and Verwood Pharmacy resulting in the pharmacy closing.

However, the Verwood Pharmacy in Station Road remains open and will be happy to continue providing your pharmaceutical needs should you wish to transfer there, and Morrison’s Pharmacy in Chiltern Drive is also available.


Patient FAQs

How do I get my prescription from another pharmacy?

The pharmacy has returned all prescriptions to a centralised digital system called the NHS Spine, therefore, if you have your NHS number you have a few options to‘nominate’ a new pharmacy to handle your prescriptions:

  1. Via the Airmid App or the  NHS App on your smart phone – this is the preferred option as it is much easier and quicker.
  2. You can also log-in to your account on either SystmOnline or the NHS website.
  3. Through your new pharmacy - they should be able to locate and retrieve your prescription from the NHS Spine and dispense your medication. Please bear with them as they may be dealing with a higher than usual number of queries and may need to order the medication in.
  4. Through your GP practice – please use the first three options initially, please only use this option if you already have a pre-existing appointment.

Your NHS number can be found via or on any correspondence from your GP, hospital or another prescription. 


Why has the pharmacy closed so quickly?

The pharmacy and NHS England have been exploring all options to find a suitable alternative site to avoid closure, but unfortunately this has not proved possible before the lease expired.


I have run out of my medication and need more urgently, how can I get this? If you already have a prescription issued by your GP, please attend an alternative pharmacy with your NHS number and explain that you have run out of your medication. If you have not had a repeat prescription issued, you will need to contact your GP for a new one, or if this is during out of normal hours, then please contact NHS 111. 


What other pharmacies are in the area?

Verwood Pharmacy has another community pharmacy on Station Road and will be happy to continue to provide all your medication needs.  There is also a Morrison’s Pharmacy in Chiltern Drive - however, if these are not convenient for you details of online providers or other pharmacies in your area can be found via the links below:


  1. Find an alternate pharmacy by postcode: Find a pharmacy - NHS (
  2. Find an online pharmacy (A-Z listing): Internet pharmacies - NHS (